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Dr. David and Linda Kelso

“Come and See”

Text: John 1: 35–4: 46 Participants: John, Andrew, Nathaniel, Peter, Philip, and a few others

Time Frame: Four months The first phase of Jesus’ disciple-making ministry was a time for them to gather information and investigate.

The disciples made a preliminary commitment and learned about the person of Jesus and the nature of his mission.

At the conclusion of this phase, Jesus issues a challenge and gives the disciples an opportunity to think about what he is asking of them.

We pick up the story after Jesus was baptized by his cousin John the Baptist and spent forty days in the wilderness resisting the devil’s temptation. Soon afterward, Jesus returns to the Jordan and walks by John the Baptist who is standing with his disciples. “John looked at him and declared, ‘Look! There is the Lamb of God!’ ” When John’s two disciples heard this, they followed Jesus” (John 1: 36–37 NLT).

Following Jesus required a certain amount of faith and getting the feet moving. After the two followed him for a while, Jesus turned around and asked them: “What do you want?” (John 1: 38 NLT).

Apparently, they were stunned at such a direct question. For a moment they fumble before they ask Jesus a question: “Where are you staying?”

Note how Jesus replies. His answer is simple but will change their lives: “Come and see” (John 1: 39 NLT).

Notice also that Jesus doesn’t answer the question that is most likely on their minds, “Are you the Messiah?”

He is not ready to tell them everything they want to know.

But he invites them to explore who he is.

In fact, he invites them to join him where he is staying.

If we are to obey the command of Jesus to become disciple makers we must follow our example and let others who we meet and are interested in our lifestyle see us as we live daily representing the King of Kings and His Kingdom here on earth. 
We have started a 1st Century House Church Ministry.  We have named it Come and See.   That is where discipleship starts.  I will discuss the Four Phases of Discipleship Making in a later Blog.    
Go Become a Disciple Maker Today. 🙏👍❤️🔥