Come & See Home Church Network


This ministry provides the uniting and networking for home churches providing the oversight and help when needed.  It provides teaching and training of leaders in the ministry of establishing and gathering of believers and unbelievers alike coming together to experience discipleship through fellowship, community, doctrine, ordinances, evangelism, disciple making and the multiplying of home churches and leaders as mandated in the scriptures. 


Over the course of eighteen years, as my Pastor, I have witnessed Dr. Kelso inspiring not only myself but countless other people, through example, to make decisions and walk through doors as God beckoned them to the next chapter in their lives. The impact He has had on people’s lives did not just happeninside the four walls of a building but where ever his path might cross theirs.

This book “Doors and Decisions, Your Personal Journey of Discovery” is a testimony to what can happen in an individual’s life when they are willing to be obedient to the call and make the decision to walk through “The Door.” Let the events discussed in this book inspire you to be that Individual!

Minister of the Good News
Doug Wilson