Come & See Home Church Ministry


This ministry teaches the New Testament training and practices of a first century  home church. Disciples will study the history, the foundational and practical aspects of the New Testament church Jesus established.  They will learn the four phases to minister to the folks who live in their neighborhoods and community with the love of God and to be the example Jesus commanded and commissioned His disciples to become as disciple makers also found in the scriptures.  


Dr. David Kelso’s book, Doors and Decisions clearly describes how decisions he made caused doors to be opened of closed. Maybe you don’t believe in God. Maybe you believe in karma, coincidence or that stuff just happens. Dr. Kelso points out in his book, we are often immature in understanding how doors open to some opportunities and are closed to others. His demonstration of faith and close personal relationship with Jesus is inspiring. I recommend reading Doors and Decisions for yourself and see how you can use a faithful petition to make the best decisions and walk through the doors God has opened for you to follow Him through.

David E. Jones
Colonel (Ret), USAF