Obeying The Great Commission.

Take a moment and think about this with me.

If you averaged talking to one person a week about Jesus regardless of the of time spent, in 1 year you would have shared with 52 people. That is an average of one person every 7 days or 1176 hours a week. If you discipled one of those contacts in that year, you start the following year with two of you making disciples.

  • The second year through multiplication, when you and your disciple speak to one person a week about Jesus, you together would witness to a total of 104 people. If the two of you disciple one person the second year you now have four disciples.
  • The third year 4 disciples would speak to 208 people about Jesus and the four of you seek out and train one person  you would now have 8 disciples.
  • The fourth year you have 8 disciples each talking to one person a week about Jesus, 416 folks would hear about Jesus..  Those 8 disciples train 8 people you now have 16 disciples.
  • The 5th year you now have a community of 16 disciples speaking to one person each a week totaling 832 folks about Jesus. When those 16 train another 16, in just one year, you now have a community of 32 obeying the great commission.

This is what I call the B.F.M. FACTOR!

What is the B.F.M. Factor?

  • In the sixth year you have 32 disciples speaking to 1664 folks about Jesus. When those 32 disciples share Jesus with 32 more in one year, you now have a community of 64 persons obeying the great commission.
  • In the 7th year, you have a work force of 64 disciples speaking to 3328 folks about Jesus.  When those 64 disciple another 64 people, one a year for each person, you now have 128 trained disciples in the community.
  • In 8  years you will have 128 disciples speaking to 6656 folks about Jesus.  If those 128 disciple just one person in a 12 month period you will have 256 trained disciples.
  • The 9th year, you have 256disciples speaking to 13,312 folks about Jesus. Your teachers and trainers just increased to 512.
  • Year 10, your community of 512 disciples will contact 26,624 folks about Jesus.  When those 512 followers disciple just one person for the full 12 months. You will have work force of 1024 disciples.
  • Year 11, there is 1024 speaking to 53,248 folks about Jesus. When those 1024 disciple just one person that year, you will have 2,048 disciples obeying the great commission.
  • Year 12 you have 2,048 disciples speaking to 106,496 about a relationship with Jesus and of those 2,048 disciples train one, you now have an unstoppable part of the Body of Christ  in year 12, multiplying to the minimum of 4,096 trained compassionate, committed disciples obeying the great commission.

In 12 years, what did you do personally?

  • Spoke to one person a week about a relationship with Jesus.
  • A total of  624 people in 12 years.
  • You discipled 12 people in 12 years.

What did the other 2,047 disciples do?

What you, their disciple, shared and showed, taught and trained them

as you lived by daily example and instruction .

  • To hear God speak through His Word and obey His voice, the Holy Spirit.

With that said:

  • Think about the families effected by the Gospel.
  • The children who were babies are now 12 years old.
  • What about the 13 year old who is now 25 years old?
  • What about the 21 year old now a 32 year old, married and expecting their first child?

Where were we 12 years ago?  What have we accomplished as Believers that can compare

with our obedience to the Great Commission?

Where should we be now and what has God called us to do?

What will we do?  When will we do it?  Where do we begin?

Who talked to us about Jesus and who are we talking to about Jesus?

Many would say we don’t know how to get started?


Disciples need to be birthed so they can reproduce.

n2Jesusministries.com  R U N 2 Jesus?  Jesus is N 2 U.


Something to consider:

According to scripture, can we be a follower of Jesus and not be a disciple?

Think about it and pray about it.  It is not about what others think.

It is about what God has commanded each of us as followers to do.

We have the honor of representing the King of Kings  and ushering in His Kingdom

on earth as it is in heaven.

Have a God-day!

Dr. David and Linda Kelso   n2jesusmiinistries.com