In the Beginning…

Welcome to N2Jesus Ministries. Linda and I are excited to share with believers and churches everywhere the joy and challenge of learning to become daily disciples of Christ.

Our heart is to spread the truths we have learned through almost a half a century of pastoring, evangelizing, being led by the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. We have faced adversity and been challenged for our faith many times and persevered enjoying triumphant victories. It has always been our greatest desire while teaching the Word to be an example and encouragement to others to mature in their faith.

Come and join with us in this adventure as we travel where the Lord directs by contacting us for ministry, praying for us daily and supporting us with your gifts and giving as the Holy Spirit directs. Linda and I are all N2Jesus and pray when He returns He will find us all N2Jesus. Doing the will of God, obeying His command to go make disciples, ministering in signs, wonders and miracles as He promised would follow. May we unite as believers ushering in the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven as He taught us to pray. We look forward to ministering to those who are hungering for more of Him. Our hunger to know more, do more, be more, go more, become more like Jesus is greater than anytime in our lives. Blessings to all of you.

You are loved.
Dr. David and Linda Kelso.