Mobile Discipleship Training Systems

What is MDTS?

Mobile Discipleship Training Systems.

A Mobile Ministry to help teach and train believers who desire to mature in their faith.  We minister to you so you can go minister to others.   MDTS helps you accomplish this in your life and gives you opportunities to share your powerful, positive, purpose-filled message, and lifestyle with others.

Do You Want to KNOW more, GROW more, and GO MAKE DISCIPLES?

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A mobile ministry to the local church.

Go make disciples, teaching them to observe and obey what God has commanded in His Word.

We come to train you so you can go and train others so they can go and train others………

To be a self-supporting mobile ministry to the local church for the Glory of God.

To supply and assist pastors, staff, leadership, and the local assembly of believers in pursuit of personal maturity leading to natural church growth and Kingdom expansion.

To personify through preaching and teaching the principles and lifestyle of New Testament Discipleship to committed individuals, small groups, and churches desiring to grow by scriptural example.

To occupy a limited time needed, requested or required and available to teach and train members of the Body of Christ to obey the great commission by ministering to one another.

To edify and encourage believers to follow Jesus on a daily basis living by example, sharing as the Holy Spirit directs.

To identify believers who desire to hear and obey the command given to know, grow, and go to all nations, teaching others what God has taught them.

To multiply, reproducing the example Jesus and His disciples gave us in the scriptures ushering in the Kingdom of God by signs, wonders, and miracles.

To magnify the transforming power of God through revelation, realization, revitalization resulting in transfiguration.

To exemplify the lifestyle given to us in the Word of God, through the love of God, by the Son of God pursued and practiced by the disciples, the believers, the church of God, The Body and Bride of Christ.

Discipleship lessons necessary to fulfill and to accomplish the command Jesus assigned to believers. “Go Make Disciples.”

1. We must teach the new birth and the changes that come with conversion. Change is normal, inevitable, and expected. All are needed and necessary for continued spiritual growth and multiplication.

2. We must teach the elementary practices of love, family, prayer, Bible, baptisms, communion, the Holy Spirit experience, tithing, evangelism, and forgiving. All are needed and necessary for continued spiritual growth and multiplication.

3. We must teach the responsibilities of those chosen, called, converted, and committed. Others will inquire about the noticed differences in their lifestyle. The new life is a proclamation of God’s love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness. Witnessing to that fact is normal and necessary for continued spiritual growth and multiplication.

4. We must teach the principle of submission to God’s Will found in His Word. Godly reverence is necessary for continued spiritual growth and multiplication.

5. We must teach the importance of learned obedience through adversity. The saved are not exempt from trials and persecutions. There will be challenges and contests for Godly convictions and behaviors. These are necessary for continued spiritual growth and multiplication.

6. We must teach the necessity of being quick to listen and patient to respond while waiting on God’s timing and direction, learning His will and His ways. This too is necessary for continued spiritual growth and multiplication.

7. We must teach commitment, responsibility, accountability, and dependability which leads to the ability to lead others to Christ and to disciple the newborn. This is necessary for the church the Kingdom of God, to come on earth as it is in heaven

8. We must teach them so they may teach others. So they may teach others. So they may teach others. The process continues till God’s eternal will and command is finished.   These lessons are not optional but mandatory if we are to complete the great commission.

If we as believers are to continue to grow spiritually, we must be educated and activated by the practical teaching and training in New Testament Discipleship Principles.  These revelatory truths are found in the Word of God. They will encourage the new believers as well as refresh and revive the maturing saints. We need to know who we are in Christ and who He is in us. These teachings will remind as well as empower all believers of God’s divine purpose and command to go make disciples. Then and only then will the church become effective and obedient to the great commission ushering in the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven.

Dr. David Kelso
N2 Jesus